Connors’ Comments for Monday, March 29, 2021


FIRST RACE – Through the mid-40s in slight increments during the daylight card, which featured a stretch headwind that shifted into a crosswind … TREVOR ONE came out 5/8 and advanced behind cover, three-wide headstretch, overhauled tired horses. MARINER SEELSTER was third-over in the good flow, ducked inside headstretch and gained in the deep Pocono Pike to photo CAPTAIN CASH. The latter was four-wide ... 


Connors’ Comments for Sunday, March 28, 2021


FIRST RACE – High 50s descending to mid 50s during the twilight card … Track “sloppy +2” throughout … A stretch headwind, especially strong early in the card … WISE IMAGE was away third, then quarter-moved, cut wind-appropriate fractions, left this field behind. HERE COMES SWIFTY was between horses to the early pocket, in, gapped, got to the Pocono Pike and just took second; ARTACHE HANOVER ... 


Connors’ Comments for Saturday, March 27, 2021


FIRST RACE – A couple of degrees on either side of 60 today, as spring has sprung … Swirling winds early in the card … LYONS AMUSEMENTS left between horses, took back to half-settle in third to the 3/16 and then quarter-moved, kept up a fast pace and left these soundly beaten. JEREMES GENERAL was innermost of the three leavers and secured the early pocket, gapped at the ¾ but went on evenly and grabbed second along ... 


Connors’ Comments for Monday, March 22, 2021


FIRST RACE – Again warm, in the 60 degree range … Mild stretch headwind, especially earlier … TRIUMPHANT’S CHIP forced tucks early, yielded to the favorite and stayed close in the two-hole, could get through when the leader broke and went to the infield near headstretch, kept TYSON at bay. The latter left, reluctantly took the pocket 3/16, came out raw past the 5/8 and pressed the leader, trotted well but beaten by the horse with ... 


Connors’ Comments for Sunday, March 22, 2021


FIRST RACE – Above 60 degrees for the entire card, and eight new lifetime marks taken … STICK WITH CRAMER was urged while four-wide early, three-wide to the 3/16 then two-wide to the lead 5/16, repulsed two challenges in breakneck fractions for this kind, most impressive in victory. INDIGO ART left well and yielded 3/16, gapped the top two from the 3/16 to the half, came out raw 5/8 and pressed the leader from the 11/16 around the turn, ... 


Connors’ Comments for Saturday, March 20, 2021


FIRST RACE – The first day of Spring, with temperatures reaching 50 degrees during the card, and fast races resulting … WAGON MASTER spotted third, came out ¾, and had the most of these through the stretch, with an individual last quarter of 27.1. LOVE THE ACTION left, took the pocket past the 1/8, tight on the leader down the back, to the Pocono Pike, just up for second. SUNSET BRAYDON ... 


Connors’ Comments for Monday, March 15, 2021


FIRST RACE – Temperature ranged from 29o to 34o during the afternoon card; generally there was a stretch tailwind … ADAGIO DE LA TOUR went to command at the 1/8, shook off the first-over at the ¾ and didn’t appear to have any problem. MEETMEINTHEMIDDLE backed out to second-over at the 5/8, three-wide late on the turn and second-best. ONE DIRECTION yielded for the pocket, couldn’t ... 


Connors’ Comments for Sunday, March 14, 2021


FIRST RACE – High to mid-30s during the twilight card … Strong stretch tailwind, reflected in many fractions … like the first race, where SPORTS TEAM left and made the lead 3/16, then kept a foe parked in a 55.1 half, left the pocket horse behind ¾, and ran away. DON’TCALLMEFRANCIS was first in front, yielded for the two-spot and kept the hole closed, stayed close until the ¾, far ahead of the rest. NEEDLESS TO SAY was ... 


Connors’ Comments for Saturday, March 13, 2021


FIRST RACE – A couple of degrees either side of 40 and a fast track produced the fastest overall card of the year so far … Wind was swirling throughout the card … A REAL MIRACLE launched uncovered into turn two, battled the leader from the half down the back and around the turn, then just left these in the dust while finishing out in 27.3. BRAVO TEX N had great cover, did OK to be second. GLENGARRY KNIGHT N was hustled ... 


Connors’ Comments for Monday, March 8, 2021


FIRST RACE – Mid 30s to low 40s as the afternoon progresses … SPORTS TEEN beat them all away by the 1/8, rated the half then threw the knockout punch in quarter three, mildly urged to stay clear. LYONS AMUSEMENTS improved early position, then was second-over, ducked in fourth 11/16, up the Pocono Pike for second. RED DIRT BOOMER was looped leaving, made the two-hole at the ¼, stuck close to the leader most of the next ...